How can 36d5 Realty Help?

36d5 Realty has a list of hard money lenders & mortgage professionals that will offer qualifying buyers access to short & long term loans, including repair costs in many cases.

Get linked to the right lending professional:

36d5 Realty helps you find the deal!

36d5 Realty has access to properties in Rhode Island, Connecticut & Massachusetts as well as a direct link to auction sites, foreclosures sites and sellers looking for a quick painless sale.
We can offer you an ARV (After repair value) by doing a comprehensive market analysis.

Get a market analysis of any property in RI, CT or MA!

4. 36d5 Realty will help you determine repairs costs, by providing you with a list of contractors that can give estimates, as well as pair you up with a Realtor that has previous flipping / contractor experience.

5. Whether the property is listed in MLS or it’s a private sale, 36d5 Realty is there to help you with all of your negotiating needs.

6. 36d5 Realty is there to mediate the legal documents (between attorneys, buyers, sellers and title companies)  and time lines that come with the purchase of any property, commercial or residential. Keeping you on point & on time along the way.
7. 36d5 Realty can help you develop relationships with the right Insurance company for both vacancy policies and homeowner policies in your area and location specialization.
8. Project Complete? 36d5 Realty believes in a hand-on approach to selling your property with accompanied showings, face to face communications and with the state-of-the-art digital documents, so that long distance transactions are as easy as checking your email.